Beautiful day at the Clubmatch of the RBSPC


Every year again, it is wonderful being at the breed specialty show of the Royal Belgian Schnauzer and Pinscherclub in the Blegny coal mines. This year was no exception and just like last year our kennel was represented with no less than 3 dogs from our own breeding.

Merry Christmas of Randi's Ushabti (owner: Arnaud Coppens/handler: Aube Coppens) scored 1 Excellent with CAC in Champion Class and was awarded with the title of Belgian Club Champion 2018.
The report of the judge, Mr Maarte Nuijen from the Netherlands:
* Compact bitch 5 years
* Female head
* Dark eye
* Scissor-shaped teeth
* Can wear the ears well
* Nice head trimmings
* Good ribbed
* Good bone and muscle
* Hard hair on the back, soft on the legs
* Goes easily through the ring
* Perfectly presented by a young handler !!

Quasar of Randi's Ushabti (owner: Ronny en An Haegemans-Mertens/handler: An Mertens) became 2 Excellent in Junior Class.
A very nice result given that this was the very first show of both dog and handler.
The report of the judge:
* Very good breed representative of 10 months
* Compact
* Beautiful head, good neck, back
* Roughly angled front and back
* Spicy temperament
* Very youthful movement, must be trained
* Friendly behavior
* Hard hair on the back, soft on the legs
* Tail carried over the back

Quint of Randi's Ushabti (owner: Ronald en Claudia Aerts/handler: Arnaud Coppens)  got 3 Very Good in Junior ClassThe report of the judge:
* Male who still has to win everything
* Especially strength and supstansia
* Long in the back
* Still lacks some forechest and depth
* Good eye, ear and teeth
* Hard hair on the back, soft on the legs
* This male needs time
* Excels in movement, very thoughtful
* Super presentation

As a premiere we also participated with our dogs in Couple Class and as Breeding Group. In both rings of honor we were not selected for the podium, but we are still very proud of our achievements. Father and daughter together in the ring was undoubtedly a moment to cherish for a long time.

Thank you again Philippe and Claudine Larcin-Dussart and the team of the club for this wonderful day, Maarte Nuijen for the expert judgements and Emmi Vanhemmens for the good grooming work. And of course Ronny and An Haegemans-Mertens and Ronald and Claudia Aerts for the good care they give to their dogs.


About us

 We are a small and devoted family kennel, registered by the F.C.I. and holder of the certificate for breeding L.O.S.H. dogs. Our dogs are our passion and we are exceptionally proud of them all.   

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