Around mid-March we expect white puppies from the combination Youth Champion Habanera de Pichera and Youth Champion Quasar of Randi's Ushabti. If all goes well, these puppies will be allowed to leave the nest around mid-May.

The puppies are born in our house and remain the first eight weeks in the middle of our family. That way we can ensure a proper socialization in the first and most important life stages of our dogs. We play a lot with the puppies and make them accustomed to all sorts of household appliances like a vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc... From 4 weeks on they make small trips outside in our garden where they can discover more animals and sounds. We also take the puppies to take a ride in the car. The puppies may not leave before 8 weeks to their new home, 15 weeks if they must cross the border.

Understand that you're not the only one with requirements. We are also looking for suitable owners.



About us

 We are a small and devoted family kennel, registered by the F.C.I. and holder of the certificate for breeding L.O.S.H. dogs. Our dogs are our passion and we are exceptionally proud of them all.   

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