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It was once again a great day at the Schnauzer Championship Clubmatch of the Dutch club VSFL in Barneveld (NL).

Habanera de Pichera got 1 Excellent in Youth Class, she won an RCAC and became JBOB.
The report of the judge, Mrs. Simone Wachholder Comtessa's from Germany mentions a good scissor bite, very well built, typical head with dark eyes, well pigmented nostrils, good angulations, hard top coat, somewhat freely carried ears, free in the movement and a friendly character.

Measuring is knowing


Responsible breeding is all about testing.

Recent research has shown that one in four Miniature Schnauzer are carriers of a gene that causes Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), which is a terrible muscle disease.
We are therefore very happy to report that both Merry Christmas of Randi's Ushabti and Habanera de Pichera do not carry the gene in question.

Sleep tight Kiria


Kiria (Walkiria Hebanora Sfora), the Polish dog who came to my parents-in-law trough Germany, became the very beginning of the white miniature schnauzers of Randi's Ushabti. She was the mother of our first two litters of miniatures and also the first of the many white miniature schnauzers that we held in our hearts forever.

Thank you Sławka Wąsowska, Christel and Werner Stamm-Behets for entrusting us with this special dog and thank you Marcel and Meentje De Jonghe-De Deckers for the many years of love and good care.


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 We are a small and devoted family kennel, registered by the F.C.I. and holder of the certificate for breeding L.O.S.H. dogs. Our dogs are our passion and we are exceptionally proud of them all.   

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