Multi-Champion Ushanti Bianca of Taita's Ushabti



33 cm
Full dentition
Clear eye examination 27/03/2012, 08/01/2015, 30/03/2016 and 17/07/2017
Canine DNA certificate
Certificate of admission to the LOSH-breeding.



Dutch Veteran Champion 2020
Dogshow Eindhoven 2020: 2e BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
Trophy Veteran CRBSP/KBSPC 2019
Benelux Veteran Champion 2019
Belgian Veteran Champion 2019
Belgian Veteran Club Champion 2019
Luxembourg Veteran Champion 2019
Benelux Veteran Winner 2019
Dutch Champion 2015
Trophy CRBSP/KBSPC 2014
Benelux Winner 2014
Belgian Winner 2014
Belgian Club Champion 2014, 3rd BEST IN SHOW
Luxembourg Champion 2014
International Champion 2014
Brabo Winner 2014
Belgian Champion 2013
Lokerse Winner 2013
Eurocup Winner 2012
Belgian Club Champion 2012
Deb's Cup Winner 2011



About us

 We are a small and devoted family kennel, registered by the F.C.I. and holder of the certificate for breeding L.O.S.H. dogs. Our dogs are our passion and we are exceptionally proud of them all.   

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