Throwback Thursday


October 11, 1998: Day after day 20 years ago I went for the first time to a dogshow, the breed specialty of the Royal Belgian Schnauzer- and Pincherclub, then still in Lichtervelde. Pure out of curiosity and without further ambitions, I just wanted to see what my dog Xtazy of Taita’s Ushabti, a standard schnauzer pepper & salt was worth.
Thanks to some friendly people who spontaneously helped me that day with advice and especially thanks to Christel Behets who not only taught me the love for the schnauzer, but also taught me a lot about the breed,
it is not stopped after that one show. That show was the beginning of a true passion for the schnauzer, the beginning also of many friendships with like-minded people.
Over the years I lost the count the number of shows that I've been running, but today my 10th litter is coming. Thank you all for being a part of my passion.


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 We are a small and devoted family kennel, registered by the F.C.I. and holder of the certificate for breeding L.O.S.H. dogs. Our dogs are our passion and we are exceptionally proud of them all.   

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