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The purchase of a miniature schnauzer

The purchases of a Miniature Schnauzer is no decision that to easily may be done.  It is a living being and has needs and appropriate attention and cares.  

Do not go impulsively to work and put you firstly next questions: 
* Can I find the necessary time to walk with my dog and to look after its fur?
* Can I carry the expenses of an optimal feeding, care and of the veterinarian?
* What do I do with him, during the holiday periods? ... 

 The purchase of a Miniature Schnauzer must happen with a lot of thought! This loving animal is not a “throw away object”.  During years he will take a big place in your family life, demand your attention … and in exchange he will give you all his love and friendship. 

Take your time to find a good breeder, that is commit only with Schnauzers. Beware for people who offers Schnauzers without a recognized pedigree of the Royal Society St. -Hubertus, or of some other recognized society, member of the FCI. Often have they no eye for the breed, but very certain only for the money! 

Therefore, never buy a Schnauzer:
* At a petstore that not breeds itself but is dealing pups.  
* At someone’s that breeds all sorts of fashion . 
* On a market, ambulant sale point or behind glass somewhere in a store.  
* At breeders that for any reason can’t show you their mother dog.  
* If the bitches or the puppies are in the one or the other way fearful of people.  
* If the animals are listless or ill. 
* If the breeder has extreme many dogs and holds them mostly in kennels. 
* If the small Schnauzers grow up in isolation, in a shed, stable, cellar or something of the kind.
* If appeared that the breeder sells extreme many puppy's, without studbook, because he lets the mother dog having two ore more litters a year. 
* Never beleive that you must pay extra for an official pedigree or than an European Passport would replace a pedigree.  
* Well, is an European Passport also necessary.  
In all these situations, you can possibly dealing with puppy mills or puppy farming

That is why you have to think very good after and inform you sufficient by the breeders club or by the Royal Society St-Hubertus vzw.  They furnish you the names of breeders that are "really" commit with Schnauzers!  Be sure to visit the "Info Baby Dog" section on their website. De official breeders club for miniature schnauzers in Belgium is the Royal Belgian Schnauzer- and Pincherclub vzw.  They will also help you with any kind of questions or problems on Schnauzers .

Associations that can help you in your search for a good schnauzer:​

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Caring for your miniature schnauzer

Once the new pup in your possession, give your pup sufficient time to get used to its new surroundings.  Arrange a first meeting with another familydog always on neutral grounds

The first night: it’s better to use a small bench in which your dog can sleep in  This also eases the cleaning process of the dog since a dog rarely dirties its own nest. It is good to give your puppy a cuddle or a cloth that carries the smell of his nest.

Cleanliness’s training: In the beginning it will certainly be very necessarily to be watchful. A puppy yet pies awful many times. After every meal and approximately every 2 hours you must let him outside on the place where you want him to pee.  Between, to sleep, or if you have to leave, you better lay him in his bench. So you have a better control and you learn the puppy a certain custom. 

Sleep:  A pupy yet needs many sleeps.  Never let him play around for more than half an hour.  Obliges him to sleep by putting him in his bench. After a while he will find this perfectly normal and even amusing. Never use the bench to punish your puppy!  A reprimanding is certainly sufficient to train your dog what is and is not allowed. Never use violence, this only provokes aggression.

Nutrition: Your puppy is used to eating Just Russel Puppy chicken hypoallergenic/grain-free dry food.. Give him the dry food spread over 2 or 3 meals, preferably at fixed moments, but in the evenings not later than 6.30 pm because of the cleanliness 's nights.  Let your pup out before sleeping, then he normally will stand the night through till approximately 7 am.  Make sure he has always fresh water at his disposition, except at night. From 6 months on your dog may switch over to adult food that you can give him spread over 1 or 2 meals. We ourselves give our adult dogs Just Russel, a personalized hypoallergenic and grain-free dry food
If you want switch over to nutrition of your own choice, do it gradually on.  At any time, we advise to remain giving "Premium" food (Hill’s Sciense Plan, Eucanuba, Royal Canin, Farm Food, …) and to change brands as little as possible. 

Worm treatment: All pups are already treated at least 4 times at our place. Once with you, he may have another treatment once every month until his 6 months and then continue twice a year. To prevent resistance, we exchange Panacur with Drontal. . Both products are medicines available at your veterinarian or pharmacy.

Flea and Tick Protection: In the summer it is important to protect your Schnauzer against fleas and ticks. Especially if they like to play in gardens, forests and between bushes. For years we are very satisfied with Prac-tic. This medicine is also available at your veterinarian or pharmacy.

Titering and vaccination:  It is well substantiated with scientific research that there is no longer any need for an annual vaccination with a large cocktail against diseases such as distemper, parvo and adenovirus. It is also known that the statement "if it does not benefit, it does not harm", does not apply to vaccination. More and more is known about 'tailor-made vaccination' with the help of the VacciCheck. Before an animal is vaccinated, it can be determined on the basis of a small amount of blood whether an animal has adequate titers of antibodies in the blood and should therefore be vaccinated or not. Unnecessary vaccination is prevented in this way.

    Coat care: Over the years, the coat of schnauzers has changed significantly, it has become much thicker and woolier. There is also much more hair on the legs and in the ears. This evolution means that your schnauzer needs to be trimmed more often on a regular basis, 5 to 6 times a year is a good standard. Then there won’t be any or almost any hair shedding.  Your dog must be ready to trim, this means that you have to be able to pull out the hair easily with thumb and index. Look well after that the groomer trim the back of your Schnauzer instead of shaving it.  Shaving the back of your dog's can bring many disadvantages in the long term.
    You should brush and comb your schnauzer well, at least ones to twice a week. Make sure to remove all dead hair and any tangles carefully. A good brush (eg Les Poochs purple), a good comb and a trimming knive (eg Mikki or Artero) is necessary for a good coat care.

    Washing: With a good weekly coat care, washing is almost unnecessary. Rinsing with lukewarm water is often sufficient to have your dog clean. If you still want to wash him from time to time, always use a dog shampoo for white dogs. We only use the products of Chris Christensen.

    Ears: To prevent ear infections, it is important to regularly check the ears for dirt and to pull excessive hair out.

    Eyes: A white schnauzer puppy can sometimes suffer from excessive tearing which can cause red-brown tear stains under the eyes. Usually this goes away after one year when tear drainage holes are fully developed. Cleaning the eyes daily with boiled water on a cotton swab helps preventing discoloration.

    Nails: The nails should be checked occasionally and cut if necessary.

    Denture: Your puppy starts to change his teeth at about 4 months. Regularly check that the milk teeth are released in time so that the new ones can come to stand on the right place. If your dog suffers from bad breath, this is due to excessive plaque. This can be avoided by regularly brushing your dog's teeth, eating large croquettes, and nibbling raw bones. If necessary, the veterinarian can also remove the plaque.

    Sexual organs: Check with a male dog after 6 months whether the testicles are present in the scrotum. With a bitch the first heat begins at about 6 to 7 months 

    Obedience and socialization

     Your puppy is already well socialized with us, even to small children. But intraspecific socialization is something that needs to be maintained. So let your dog come into regular contact with children and other animals. However A well socialized puppy is no guarantee to exclude all danger for children. Children themselves should also know what is allowed and what is not. A very good and scientifically supported method to method to learn this while playing is "The Blue Dog".

    For your pup to become a social house dog it is advisable to follow some lessons in a good dog school.  Especially the puppy class is extremely important in connection with socializing with other dogs and this is already possible from 8 weeks on. We ourselves are very much in to the "connection method" as developed by dog ​​behavior supervisor Geert De Bolster. This method offers dog lovers insight into the way dogs think and feel. With mildness, respect and dignity, safety and trust are created in both the dog and ourselves. More information can be found on the Mindwise website.

    If you have the ambition to do special activities with your dog, such as exhibitions, agility, fly-ball, doggy dance, ... you can also follow specific training.

    Holidays with or without your schnauzer.

    Nothing more fun than going on holiday with your dog. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Then a good animal pension or housesitting is a possible solution.


    It goes without saying that these tips, guidelines and links do not oblige you to anything. We only hope that they will help you a bit in your search for a suitable schnauzer and that they will make life with your beloved four-legged friend even more pleasant.


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