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The purchases of a  Miniature Schnauzer is no decision that to easily may be done.  It is a living being and has needs and appropriate attention and cares.  

Do not go impulsively to work and put you firstly next questions: 
* Can I find the necessary time to walk with my dog and to look after its fur?
* Can I carry the expenses of an optimal feeding, care and of the veterinarian?
* What do I do with him, during the holiday periods? ... 

Take your time to find a good breeder, that is commit only with Schnauzers.  The dear animal is not a “throw away object”.  During years he will take a big place in your family life, demand your attention … and in exchange he will give you all his friendship. 

The purchase of a Miniature Schnauzer must happen with a lot of thought! 

Beware for people who  offers  Schnauzers without a recognized studbook of the Royal Society St. -Hubertus, or of some other recognized society of the FCI. Often have they no eye for the breed, but very certain only for the money! 

Therefore, never buy a Schnauzer:
* At a merchant that not self breeds but in pups "dealt".  
* At someone’s that breeds all sorts of fashion race. 
* On a market, ambulant sale point or behind glass somewhere in a store.  
* At breeders that for any reason can’t show you their mother dog.  
* If the bitches or the puppies are on the one or the other way fearful of people.  
* If the animals are listless or ill. 
* If the breeder has extreme many dogs, considering in kennels holds. 
* If the small Schnauzers grow up in isolation, in a shed, stable, cellar or something of the kind.
* If appeared that the breeder sells extreme many puppy's has, without studbook, because he lets the mother dog throw twice or more a year. 
* Let you do never deceive, that you must pay extra for the studbook or whether an European Passport would replace the studbook.  
* Well, is an European Passport also necessary.  
In all these situations, you can possibly speak of puppy mills or puppy farming.

That is why you have to think very good after and inform you sufficient by the breeders club or by the Royal Society St-Hubertus vzw.  They furnish you the names of breeders that are "really" commit with Schnauzers!  Visit certainly once the column "Info Baby Dog" on thei website.
De official breeders club for miniature schnauzers in Belgium is the Royal Belgian Schnauzer- and Pincherclub vzw.  They will also help you with any kind of questions or problems on Schnauzers .

Once the new pup in your possession, give your pup sufficient time to get used to its new surroundings.  Arrange a first meeting  with another dog of the family always on a total strange and neutral grounds.  

The first night: it’s better to  a small bench in which your dog can sleep in  This also eases the cleaning process   of the dog (a dog dirties its own nest rarely).  Possibly give cuddle lay or a toy at your dog. 

Cleanliness’s training:  In the beginning it will certainly be very necessarily to be watchful.
A pup yet pies awful many. After every meal and approximately round the 2 hour you let him best outside on the place where you it want.  Between, to sleep, you better lay him in his bench, as you have a better control and you learn the pup a certain custom. 

Sleep:  A pup has yet many sleep necessary.  Let him never longer than a half hour romp.  Obliges him to sleep by putting him in his bench. After a while he will find this perfectly normal and even amusing.  Use never the bench to punish!  A reprimanding is certainly sufficient for your dog to be learned a little well and may.  Do never use violence, this entices only aggression out. 

Nutrition:  Your pup is used to eat Finest Fish4Puppies Complete Puppy Food. Give him the dry feed divided over 2 or 3 meals, gladly on fixed moments, but in the evenings no later then 6.30 pm because of the cleanliness 's nights.  Let your pup out before sleeping, then he normally will stand the night through till approximately 7 am.  Make shure he has always fresh fresh water at his disposition, excepted by night. From 6 months on your dog may switch over to adult feeding that you can give him over 1 or 2 meals a day. We ourselves we give our adult dogs Fish4dogs "Finest Fish Complete - Regular Bite" premium dry food made with white fish and potato flour.
If you want switch over to nutrition of your own choice, do it gradually on.  At any time we advise to remain giving "Premium" dry feed (Hill’s Sciense Plan, Eucanuba, Royal Canin, Bosh, Farm Food, …) and to change so little possible of brand. 

Worm treatment:  All pups become with us will be already 4 times treated.  Once with you, he may have another treatment after 3 weeks and then further once round the 6 month.  In order to prevent resistance we exchange Panacur with Dogminth. Both products are medicines available at your veterinarian or pharmacy.

Flea and Tick Protection: In the summer, it is important in order to protect your Schnauzer against fleas and ticks. Especially if they like to play in gardens, forests and between bushes. For years we are very satisfied with Prac-tic. This medicine is also available at your veterinarian or pharmacy.

Vaccination:  Your pup is with us already one time vaccinated on the age of approximately 7 weeks.  The next vaccination you serve to give on approximately 12 weeks.  Then 3 weeks later against Leptospirose, then against hydrophobia.  Afterwards your dog have to be vaccinated annually.  All vaccinations, as well as the registration of your dog stand recorded in the European passport that we delivered to you.

Teeth:  Your pup begins to change its teeth at approximately 4 month.  Check regular or the milk teeth come loose on time so that the new ones can come to stand on the right place

    Sexual organs:  For a male: check if the testicles are present in the scrotum after 6 months. For a bitch: first estrous cycle on approximately 6 to 7 month. 

      Fur care:  
      Over the years, the fur of schnauzers has changed significantly, it has become much thicker and woolly. Also there is a lot more hair now on the legs and in the ears. This evolution makes that your Schnauzer must be trimmed on regular basis. A good standard is 5 to 6 time per year.  Then their won’t be any or almost any hair loss.  Your dog must be ready to  trim , this wants to say that you can easily remove the hairs with thumb and index Look well after that in the trimming salon they trim the back of your Schnauzer instead of shaving it.  Shaving the back of your dog's can bring many disadvantages.
      Brush and comb your schnauzer well, minimally one to twice a week.  Hereby carefully  remove all tangles and if possible all death hair. A good brush (eg Les Poochs purple), a good comb and a trimming knive (eg Mikki or Artero blue) is necessary.
      By a good weekly care is washing almost superfluous, but it may in limited extent, and only with a shampoo for white dogs.  We use exclusively products of Jean Peau.
      Check regularly  the nails and when necessary snap them.  Check weekly the ears on dirt and inflammations, pull excessive hair.

      Obedience and socialisation:  For your pup to become a social house dog it is necessary to follow some lessons in a good dogs school.  Especially the puppy class is extreme important in connection with the socializing with other dogs extreme and this can already from 10 weeks on.
      Your puppy is well socialized at our place, even to small children. But interspecific socialization is something that needs to be maintained. So, let your dog remain regular contact with children and other animals.
      A well socialized puppy is no guarantee to exclude all danger for children. Children themselves should also know what is allowed and what is not. A very good and scientifically supported method to be learned through playing is "The Blue Dog".


      Hopefully these tips and guidelines helped you a lithe bit, however you are committed to nothing. Below you can find some interesting links:







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