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More beautiful test results for Merry Christmas or Randi's Ushabti


With the intention to breed as responsibly as possible, we decided a few weeks ago to have Merry genetically and clinically tested. You have already been able to read the results of the DNA test for MAC and the clinical ECVO eye tests, but now also the results from two other DNA tests has reached us. We are therefore very happy to inform you that Merry is not a carrier of the gene that causes PRA-B, nor of that associated with  Congenital Myotonia.

Clear ECVO test for Merry Christmas of Randi's Ushabti


Merry has been at the ophthalmologist today for her annual ECVO eye examination.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that she tested clear on all examintions.

For more information about the detection of (presumed) inherited eye diseases in dogs:


TESTING IS KNOWING: Merry Christmas of Randi's Ushabti is MAC-free


Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) is a hereditary deficiency caused by a gene mutation that can be found in certain breed lines of miniature schnauzer, as a result of which dogs with the mutation run the risk of catching or developing a serious form of mycobacterial infection.

For some time there is a DNA test that allows to check if a dog is carrying this complex and the test of Merry showed that she is not carrying the gene. Obviously we are very happy with this result.


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